8th Day of the 2009 Gore-Tex Transalpine Run

Once again, on the eighth and last leg, there was no stopping leading Britons Andrew Syminds and Tom Owens, who won the 2009 5th Gore-Tex Transalpine Run, setting a new record.

As expected, the two Britons Andrew Symonds and Tom Owens also won the last leg of the 2009 GORE-TEX® Transalpine-Run from Schlanders, Italy, to Latsch, Italy. The two „Saab Salomon Outdoor“ Team runners took 2:46:51.8 hours to complete the day's 17.78 miles and a difference in altitude of 5,961 feet. Overall, the winning duo undercut the 2007 record (24:02:47.2) for the Western route totaling almost 149 kilometers and a difference in altitude of more than 49,200 feet by 22 minutes. Thomas Geisenberger and Michael Veit of „Team Dr. Steinbauer“(25:57:59.4) finished second overall, ahead of „Telmekom Team South Tyrol's“ Roland Osele and Michael Fischer. Irene Senfter and Petra Theiner snatched the female winners' crown.

For additional information and the current lists of results, go to: www.transalpine-run.com

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